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    Wonderland trading Zone 55 st 431 Bld 24 Azzizia Comercial Street


How to use your products?

Each product comes with a description in the bottle, however you can contact us  directly for extra information.

Do you have a Salon

We are a Cosmetics Distributor we do not have a salon.

If you are a Salon please contact us in the contact us section we have different collections for Salons and Professionals.

Is your products Safe?

Our Products comply with every Heathy Regulation  both from the country of origin and Qatar. Products are registered and tested in a private lab.

However if you have any allergies or you don't know if the product is good for you  please contact us  in the contact us section or use the provided ingredients list. 

We are available  for any information you might need. 

Can a Straightening Product be done in any kind of Hair?


Smoothing treatments requires a Professional application.

You may not proceed if you have any hair issues or if you do not have the knowledge to do it. Your professional should be able to advise accordingly.

Where The Products are Made?

Our Hair Collection is Manufactured in Brazil.

Flat Iron and Hair Dryers are manufactured in Italy.  

Thermal Care is hand Made in Usa.